What I Don’t Do…

A good babysitter sets good boundaries. I love what I do, and I know my limits. In the decades I’ve spent building and managing websites I’ve helped website owners succeed and exceed their goals.

I’ve also grown to understand that WordPress projects are like children. Every website vision is unique, and comes with it’s own set of challenges. Like children, every website I’ve worked with has had their own lessons to offer. But each needs a basic level of care and feeding. In site ownership, as with parenting, different levels of care and skill are common but the reality is most website owners don’t really want to deal with the technical side of website ownership — the nitty-gritty administrative stuff that keeps the site running.

As a result I’ve distilled the most important, repetitive, technical tasks involved with website management into a monitored, streamlined, informed process. My goal is to empower website owners with more time and bandwidth to focus on reaching their website goals by keeping their websites up to date, backed up and secure. It’s a little like being able to get all your work done and play with your kids, too.

please note: i do not offer refunds. you may cancel your subscription renewal at any time.

Following is a further list of what is not included in your WP Babysitter maintenance and backup subscription:

  1. design services
  2. application integration
  3. plugin troubleshooting
  4. content writing and editing
  5. search engine optimization
  6. image optimization
  7. social media updates
  8. virtual assistant services
  9. contact form monitoring
  10. purchase monitoring
  11. malware removal
  12. software and services renewal monitoring
  13. email delivery issue troubleshooting
  14. e-commerce fulfillment

And while I don’t specialize in everything on this list, I do offer some of these services on a per project basis. I likely have vendor references for you for some of the things I don’t do. If you have questions about my other offerings or ideas about other ways we can work together, let me know.