Who knew having a website would be so much work!?

Taking care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on your WordPress website goals!

Care and feeding for your WordPress Website



Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur looking for someone reliable to take care of the technical side of your WordPress website so you can focus on your website goals and spend time on what you love?

I can help.

Have you ever had a problem on your site, but didn’t have a backup? Do you get overwhelmed with all the alerts and notices you were supposed to be keeping up with as a site owner? Does the sound of the phrase “WordPress Core Update” send shivers down your spine?  Have you ever been paralyzed by the dreaded WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH? As a fellow WordPress user, I feel your pain!

Who am I?

My name is Emily Sparkle and I’ve been working on websites since the mid 1990s. My experience in the corporate marketing world, as a small business owner and freelancer has led to being a WordPress solopreneur, focused on helping hobbyists, small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their website ideas to life.

I work with a lot of DIY shop owners and service providers who want to create and maintain their own content, but aren’t technical and don’t want to be burdened with mundane tasks like software updates or malware monitoring. They started their websites for many reasons other than to learn how WordPress works and how to keep it running smoothly.

You can trust me with your website.

I’ve actually been doing this for a while now. When I started working with WordPress in 2008, it all seemed so big and daunting, plugins, themes… core updates?! Luckily over the last two decades of building and caring for websites large and small, the most valuable lesson learned is maintaining your WordPress website is an absolute must. A website left to decline will most certainly suffer in speed, user experience and can become a security risk — to you, your visitor or your customers. My methods for WordPress backup and maintenance work and have been proven and perfected on dozens of websites.

Website Backups
Bi-Monthly backup of your WordPress database and files stored offsite
WordPress Core Updates
Update WordPress core if required or recommended for security purposes
Intelligent Maintenance

Intelligently update plugins and theme as new stable versions are released

Efficiency Monitoring
Monitor, optimize and perform database repair keeping your site running efficiently
Security Checkups
Perform basic security scans for malware, code injections and comment spam attacks
Emily at WP Babysitter takes a huge load off of my mind and lets me concentrate on what I should be doing; creating!
Martin Bridge
Visionary Artist

Your website is worth it!

I hear from a lot of small website owners that the peace of mind they get from having a regular ‘babysitter’ for their website allows them to focus on the original purpose of their website. It’s a value-add to allow them freedom to spend time in other ways than troubleshooting a website issue they don’t understand. Further, I keep up with what’s current in the WordPress product and security arenas, so you don’t have to.

Website Care - WP Babysitter Basic Service

Backup and Maintenance of one WordPress site for one year

What is “Website Care”?
WordPress websites need care and feeding, just like children do. Regular website asset upkeep (keeping the core, plugin and theme files up to date) keeps your website secure and regular backups safeguard you from losing data if something does go drastically wrong. I can help by keeping an eye on those things while you create your content or post and promote your products and services.

WP Babysitter Basic Service

$222.00 / year